Welcome to the home of Raze Murals! I'm a self employed, self taught, fully insured mural artist.

I have painted and drawn from as far back as I remember and studied art to A level. It has always been my biggest passion, so to have ended up doing it for a living is honestly a dream come true.

I fell highly in love with graffiti and streetart as a teenager and so had to pick up some spray cans and then I couldn't stop. This led me to practice to the point people started noticing my work and asking to commission me, the rest they say is history.

I love working with an array of people and styles. I enjoy being challenged to step outside my comfort zones, which has really driven me to be versatile with my range of work, From streetart, to pop art, delicate murals to bold and vibrant, 

I've yet to find a limit to what can be acheived with a spray can, as long as the canvas is big enough.


I have worked for a broad range of people and businesses up and down the country over the years. I've also been lucky enough to paint for a few famous names and faces.

From small local businesses, to international corporations. For people from all walks of life and all sizes of residents. i've painted bedrooms, sheds, swimming pools, toilets, man caves, home bars and much more.

I really love painting for the number of schools that I have, mainly as I can get a nostalgic blast back to my childhood with the variety of well known and loved characters I get to paint.

I prefer a nice flat wall but there's not much i've found that you cant paint with spraypaints!


It's as easy as getting in touch with some of the following information;

1. Location in the UK

2. Wall size and type
3. A brief idea of what you'd like 
(Any reference photos are very beneficial)

From there, I can get back to you with some more information and a quote. If you're happy with the quote, we'll get you booked in and we can start designing.

You'll receive digital draft designs and/or mood boards dependant on your projects requirements. Once the design has been approved, we then get to make your vision come to life and I start painting.